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Hey Silky Skin review- Laser hair Removal. Does it Work?

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  • Hey Silky Skin review- Laser hair Removal. Does it Work?

Hey Silky Skin Review (updated) – We thought this product is great, but we found everything about them is SCAM. It doesn’t work. Fake 5-star customer reviews. Awful customer service with a BOGUS 90-day money-back guarantee.  


Don’t risk your money; don’t buy from this company people. This is what many customers revealed about the product. 

hey silky skin laser hair removal reviews does it workHeySilkySkin Honest Reviews From Buyers?

The handset burnt my skin and won’t refund my money .it leaves scars on my legs. Hey silky skin is not safe to use. This company is a ailyn

It does absolutely nothing to my facial hair, underarms, and bikini, Oh, and they wouldn’t let me post a review on their website. They are Shady, scammers, and unethical. By Jen

Worst product I have ever seen. Even though they advertise 90 day money back guarantee, they won’t accept the return / refund the money. Vivek

Why Hey Silky Skin Reviews?

Note: we do NOT write this reviews to antagonize or tarnish the image of this brand. We want to help you make an informed decision before buying the product. This review is 100% unbiased and Non-sponsored.


All laser hair removal are designed to make your body look smooth and free from blemishes. Hey Silky Skin hair removal is far from anything good let alone safe for your skin.

Does Hey Silky Skin Works?

There are dozens of laser hair removal brands out there that are great while some works just fine. However, HeySilkySkin hair removal doesn’t Work.

From the tons of reviews and videos we have seen so far, these guys are deceptive and shady. 

From dozens of reviews we have seen most quality brands give perfect results after the 5th use.  It may not work instantly, depending on the skin type, but will certainly work when applied multiple times. In the case of Hey Silky Skin, no typical result seen yet.

Is the laser permanent for removing hairs? 

Original hair removal handset offers a long-lasting result. No laser hair removal is permanent. We are humans and not a robots – Prove Customer Reviews?

hey silky skin reviews

We did look up Hey Silky skin Co. reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Trustpilot, and other review sites. We found Over 35% of customer reviews say the product is great and excellent, while 65% of reviews were on average, poor and bad.


 As we looked into most of the reviews and hey silky skin before and after videos, we found most of the 5-star reviews were craftily written to their favor. 


Most customers agonized they wouldn’t let them leave a review, or at worst delete any negative reviews left on their websites.  


FAKE!! Hey Silky Skin before and Use Image

heysilkyskin before and after
hey silky skin laser hair removal reviews
hey silky skin co reviews
silkyskin before and after

BOGUS SCAM!! Hey Silky Skin Reviews

hey silky skin reviews

I’m SO shocked at how well this headset works I thought it wouldn’t do a pinch but decided to give it a go as they have a money-back guarantee and I am VERY happy with the machine. I’ve used it 5 times now and my hair growth is pretty much gone. AMAZING Product.  FAKE! SCAM! Hey Silky Skin review: Luisa

I use to have to shave more than once a week which was super annoying but ever since buying my heysilkySkin handset a bit over a month ago, I can go almost 2 weeks without touching my skin. Literally the best money I have ever spent online. Too good. FAKE! SCAM! HeySilky Skin  review: Emilly 

Got a Very fast result. Didn’t work much on first use, By second use I could already tell the difference in my hair growth, much slower. in some areas might need a little more time but kind of happy with my purchase. My race is Indian, and as you all know we have much thicker hair growth and would probably take a longer time. I would recommend this to anyone. Using the headset is super convenient too and easy to do at home alone. FAKE! SCAM! HeySilkySkin customer review: Evaline

What other best Laser hair removal that works?

Which Part of the body does this Hair Remover work? 

A good in-home hair removal laser machine works very well in most of the body areas where hair grows.

✔ Chest, ✔ Armpits, ✔ Legs, ✔ Face, ✔ Back, ✔ Bikini line

Does SilkySkin Hurt? Is It Safe?

Is it safe? The Hey silky skin laser hair removal it’s completely 100% not safe. It does hurt when used multiple times. 

Check this out Works Really Well!

HOMILEY professional hair removal. It Makes Your Skin Smoother Than Ever – Checkout Today’s Price – 50% OFF + Free Shipping


We do not utterly say the product doesn’t work. We have only vented our opinion based on use and reviews from other users. This product might work for you.

You can help other people by sharing your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Please don’t forget to share this blog review with your friends on social media.

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  1. The laser tool works really well. I haven’t tried this brand but my friends said is good.

  2. Heysilky skin gave me a tracking number that doesn’t work. I have already made payment through credit card.

  3. I finally received my handset and it doesn’t even operate. Turns on but no light/zap. Immediately emailed to return and just an automated reply. Emailed again and nothing. I’m embarrassed that I bought this.

  4. This company is 100% a scam. I paid them 3 months ago and after repeatedly asking and asking and emailing and commenting, they blocked me on their socials and won’t answer me. They stole all of my money!! DO NOT EVER SUPPORT THIS COMPANY!! I will antagonize them until the day I die. I am so upset at having been scammed.

    • Hi Raeesa,

      It’s so sad to hear what happened to you.

      Alternatively, you may file a complaint to your payment processor/bank, and the money reimbursed to your account.

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